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Love themes for Android system

By admin2 years ago

Ulauncher offers you a dozen subject categories, such as 3D, cartoon, cool, technology, business, basic, fashion, pet and more. Thousands of HD wallpapers updates every day! Celebrity, cartoon, sports, car, movies, abstract, and magical live wallpaper will make your phone look new every time you see it! Now I will introduce four love-related themes provided by ulauncher to you.

1.Pink romantic couple theme

Ulauncher  provides a romantic and intimate love theme for your smartphone. This theme is designed by our creative team. It has a romantic pink background. There is a pair of cute bear couples reading together in the middle of the screen. In addition,we use the pink love to embellish the screen, making this theme full of love. Using this pink romantic couple theme to decorate your phone will make you phone different.You will like it.❤️

love|wallpapaer| ulauncher
love|wallpapaer| ulauncher|theme

2. Hairy Love theme

We are very happy to introduce this love theme for you. The pink love theme will make your phone exquisite and elegant. This is a free theme.Download it and you will get a fully customized mobile interface, as this app will change wallpapers, app icons and other visual elements to love and heart themes. Try it now! ?

love|wallpapaer| ulauncher|theme

love|wallpapaer| ulauncher|theme

3.Love Romance theme

If you are looking for a couple theme or wallpaper, Love Romance theme is perfect for you. The theme provided by ulauncher has a pink background. A red heart and a couple is in the middle of the screen, making the theme filled with a sweet atmosphere. You will fall in love with this amazing design. ❤️

love|wallpapaer| ulauncher|theme
love|wallpapaer| ulauncher|theme

4. Shining 3d love theme

Have you been surprised by this fantastic love theme? Shining 3d love theme will make your  phone look luxurious. ❤️

love|wallpapaer| ulauncher|theme
love|wallpapaer| ulauncher|theme

Did not be satisfied with the love theme? Click here to find more love theme for desktop and mobile! It is all HD and free. Or if you wanna be the author, please do not hesitate to contact us.?


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