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How’s a free apex launcher looks like?

By admin2 years ago

We believe that, whether a launcher can satisfied user’s for depends on its visual experience is not enough.

— By ulauncher team.

The influence of the aesthetics of the launcher will become smaller and smaller. After all, the beauty of the face will be more tired. Compared with the aesthetics of the launcher, in the later stage, the user is more concerned about its usability and flexibility. And in this article, we will illustrate how ulauncher has attached great importance to the usability and why it is one of the best free launchers in 2019.

Ulauncher‘s is mainly reflected in the following two aspects:

• Response time and fluency

• A call to a specific app

Let me show you the response speed and fluency of ulauncher. Take the following picture as an example.

ulauncher|apex launcher|freelancer|free launcher|live wallpaper|theme|3d

As you know, ulauncher can provide the best 3D experience with 3d themesand live wallpaper. You can set any live wallpaper and effects in each different 3d theme, such as snowflakes, shiny dots, snow, flowers, etc., which will give you a magical transition experience. Sounds nice? More important is, no matter which theme or wallpaper you have chosen, the effect response speed is always very fast, just need a click of your finger, you can quickly feel the magical experience of any 3d effect such as falling snow!

Beside this, we have considered for the quickly search which is quite useful in an free launcher. ulauncher’s quick search feature can help you find any applications in your phone and we assure you will shocked by the speed.

Which means, when you want to choose an app in your mobile phone, assuming that the app we need is not on the first screen, we can’t open it with one click, so what do we do in different launchers? Below is the answer.

We take the shot screen below as an example.

ulauncher|apex launcher|freelancer|free launcher|live wallpaper|theme|3d|best launcher in 2019

Another feature of ulauncher we called “drawer”. It is a folder-like thing that is automatically generated when you drag two apps together. With the app drawer, the time cost of finding an app is much lower, since you can put similar apps in an app drawer, and then when you’re looking for anyone of it, you can filter out the big class by category information, then select it in the app drawer. And after placing the App category, it will take up a lot less space than normal.

In addition, ulauncher also has optimized features. You can end the useless process with one click, save mobile phone space, increase the speed of your mobile phone, and say goodbye to advertisement if you purchased ulauncher pro.


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